ISB Class 2014 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hello All,
As we are thru with 80% admissions of ISB class 2013... All the dingers, newbies its time to start afresh with your GMAT preps.. and Goal of ISB- class 2014.
[smiley] Lets make this thread as structural as possible .. starting with all the posts regarding GMAT as of now.. and ...
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swatisept I passed my B.Tech in 2009,Then joined a small institut.... 28 May '13.
amarrao Hi to all, My name is Amar, 75% in 10th, 67% in 12th, 69%.... 25 Sep '13.
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@amolku Thanks again :)
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    @amolku Thanks for your insights...That was very informative.. I will start working on my profile. I was just wondering, how can I know the average score of the last intake of ISB?
    I would like to re-phrase your question, if I may.
    You may want look for ways to improve your profile instead of trying to improve just the GMAT score.
    Example :
    If your undergrad schools is not a regional top 5 schools , you should aim for higher GMAT score , specifically high quant sc...
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    @ivyctor2010 - It is not possible for me to take the GMAT again. In this situation, what should I do to increase my chances? I attended an ISB infosession where it was said that it is a myth that the GMAT score should be 700+.
    I was one of the 4 school captains. I actively participated in all...
    I am willing to take admission for the class of 2014 at ISB. My academics are as follows. 10th 85% 12th 85% B.Tech(Mechanicical) -65%, 6 years work experience( IT). What could be the minimum GMAT score should I need to achieve to put myself in competition. I keep hearing that there is not bar for...
    Hi,An overview of my academics and work exp is given below:
    GMAT score - 670
    Graduation BCom (H) - 8.31 CGPA
    Class 12 - 80%
    Class 10 - 82%
    Work ex - 3 yrs ( 1 yr in my uncle's IT company and till date 2 yrs in a well -known MNC). Will the 1 yr work experience in my uncle's company ...
    @ivyctor2010 many of my frnds say that a consultant is the best way to go when it comes to writing SOPs and essays... is it worth it or should i go for it myself?
    Planning to give GMAT on 20th November. The Application process for Second cycle ends on 30th of November. However, it'll take 2-3 weeks for the official scores to reach ISB. Will that be a problem?
    Hi Seniors,Need help. I want to register for gmat online but i do need your help. I do have few query.1. Can I register with my visa electron debit card.2. For credit card will i need to give only my credit card number and the number at the back of the card only .Do i need to get a one time passw...
    Any dr interested in ISB class of 2014 ??
    Hello everyone!My 1st post on pagalguy. I am planning to write my very first GMAT for admission to ISB.Please evaluate my profile & give your valuable suggestions. I am an Industrial Prodcution(IP) Engg graduate, currently working as an Industrial Engineer with World's No.1 Automobile company; W...
    @ivyctor2010 the new section of GMAT. integrated reasoning is not part of the GMAT score.... does isb look at AWA and this newsection graded score?
    my Profile:10th : 53%12th :66%B.Tech :81%Extracurricular : not muchWork exp : 2yrs as a Analog designer in semiconductor industry.GMAT not taken yet.What are the chances of getting into ISB with what GMAT score/what can be done to improve my profile.
    my Profile:10th : 53%12th :66%B.Tech :81%Extracurricular : not muchWork exp : 2yrs as a Analog designer in semiconductor industry.GMAT not taken yet.What are the chances of getting into ISB with what GMAT score/what can be done to improve my profile.
    @ivyctor2010 tthnx varun that was very helpful... another query... ive missed the round 1 date... so is there any catch associated with round 2?... ive heard that people in round 2 get mohali ... are the seats equally divided in both rounds?
    I have a query regarding the evaluations/recommendations. My current organisation has the sort of setup where it would be very, very tough to get anyone to write one so would it be ok to submit them from my College Professors?
    I have a versatile career path. My Graduation is in Hotel Management.
    I worked in Hospitality industry for 2 years. I have worked as Supervisor in a small vegetarian restaurant and as Manager in another restaurant.
    Changed the job as a marketing manager (for smart cards) - 15 months in a ...
    @ivyctor2010 thnx a lot Varun for the great insight... im giving GMAT again this month ..hopefully will cross 700... I find it difficult to crystallize my goals wrt how an MBA will eventually help me... something to do with manufacturing/operational/process optimization... preferably in the steel...
    Hi guys.. i would appreciate if you can look at my profile and comment on my chances...GMAT 670 AWA 5.510th 92% 12th 87% IIT BHU GPA 8.9... Batch topper with certificate of merit.. got schols for academics and Dept Gold Medal... College squash team captain..2 time winner in inter college sports e...